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  1. Contact information

Selling products through this Site is made under the "MCPOPS" by Monacopops Sarl, a limited liability company under Monegasque law whose registered office is located in building 7 Avenue Montaigne Britain MC 98000 Monaco, Monaco, registered in the Register of Commerce and Industry of Monaco under the number 15S06590, with VAT number: FR94000113679,

Email: customercare@mc-pops.com,

Phone: +377 97 77 53 93

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Shopify, 150 Elgin Street, 8th floor, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K2P 1L4

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- Buy products for personal use

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- We provide your email address, postal address and / or other correct and accurate contact information. Likewise, you authorize us to use this data for us to contact you in connection with your order, if applicable (see our Cookie Policy and Data Protection).

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  1. Change in products and prices

The products offered for sale on the website as well as ancillary services which can optionally be attached thereto (the "Products") are those listed on the site the day of consultation of the Site and in the stocks.

We update and modify our products permanently offer and we can stop the sale of a product at any time. Product prices may vary at any time and may be changed due to economic factors, duties and taxes, changes in the cost of labor or raw materials, your special requirements ...

We reserve the right to withdraw at any time any product of this Site and to replace or modify any content or information contained on it.

We will not be liable to you or a third of the withdrawal of a product from this Site, the withdrawal or modification of any content or information contained on this Site.

In case of change of prices due to a supplier or due to a typographical error on the Siteou a problem on a product, we reserve the right either to refuse the order or cancel order and refund you the amount you paid in recréditant on behalf of the payment card you used.

The photographs and texts illustrating the products are trying to reproduce as faithfully as possible the goods in reality but do not enter the contractual field. If these photographs and / or texts a wrong character, our responsibility can not be held on this basis.

We make every effort to reflect as accurately as possible the colors of the products. Monacopops sarl can not guarantee that your computer tool will give you precisely the exact color. For any uncertainty, please contact our Customer Service. 

The customer service of this Site is accessible by email to the following address: customercare@mc-pops.com or by post to the following address: Monacopops / Customer service 7 Avenue Montaigne Britain MC 98000 Monaco Monaco .

  1. Order taking

Your basket constitutes your order.
    If you choose to order, please enter the information necessary for billing and delivery of items. The information that you will deliver when you undertake. In case of error in the wording of the delivery details, we can not be held responsible for the failure to deliver the item (s) (s).
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        All orders are considered final and can only be canceled with our consent and on terms that will indemnify us for any loss or damage caused by this cancellation.

        1. Contract Validation

        The information contained in these Conditions and the data mentioned on this site do not constitute an offer to sell but an invitation to enter into a contract. No contract will be between you and us with respect to products as we have not expressly accepted your order. If your order is not accepted and the amount has been debited, you will be fully refunded.

        At each stage of processing your order (acknowledgment, validation, possible availability, dispatch) an email is automatically sent to the email address you provided when creating your account.

        To place an order, you must follow the procedure of purchase online and click "Authorize payment". Following this, you will receive:

        - An e-mail acknowledging receipt of your order ( "Accused receiving the order"). This does not mean that your order has been accepted. Your order is an offer that you submit to purchase one or more products. All orders are subject to our acceptance.

        - An e-mail confirming that the order has been validated ( "Order confirmation"). The purchase contract of a product between the parties (the "Agreement") will be concluded at the time of sending the Order validation.

        - An e-mail to inform you of the shipment of your order ( "Shipping Confirmation").

        Only products covered by the Order validation constitute the object of the Contract. We will not be required to provide a product until we were validating email your order.

        We reserve the right not to confirm an order for any reason (a problem with the order received or issue of supply of articles). We have 5 working days to inform you that we can not satisfy the order. 

        1. Price-Payment

        7.1 Price

        The prices guaranteed to you are those displayed on the site at the time of order, subject however to the availability of such products.

        All prices are quoted in euros, sterling, Swiss francs or US dollars (USD) depending on your choice and do not include product handling costs, transport and packaging costs will be automatically calculated and shown on your order form (basket).

        All prices are calculated added tax (VAT) included for all deliveries in the countries of the European Union, VAT may be different for different billing country.

        Prices may take into account any reductions.

        Regarding sales outside the countries of the European Union, prices are FOB (Free on board) from Monaco, that is to say without transportation costs, other fees, taxes and insurance. Any customs formalities, the payment of fees and various taxes are your responsibility and your responsibility.

        7.2 Payment

        After selecting all the products you want to buy, they will be added to your cart. Then we will proceed to process your order and you will be prompted to make the payment. To this end, you need to follow the steps of the purchase process by indicating or checking the information required for each of them. During the purchase process, you always have the option to modify the data about your order prior to payment. In addition, if you are registered as an account holder in our system, all data related to orders you have placed with us are available in the "My Account".

        You can pay using the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners Club, American Express and JCB, as well as through PayPal. You can also pay all or part of your purchase using a gift card. Gift cards can not be purchased with another gift card.

        The data on your card will be encrypted to reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Once your order is placed, we will formulate a sampling pre-authorize credit card application to ensure that you have sufficient funds to complete the transaction. The amount charged to your card at the time the products under your order will leave our warehouse, except for pre-order.

        If you make payment via PayPal, the charge will be made when we confirm the order.

        By clicking "Buy", you confirm that the credit card belongs to you or you are the rightful holder of the gift card.

        Credit cards are subject to validation checks and authorization from the issuer of the card body. If we do not receive the required authorization of payment, we will not be able to get a contract with you.

        1. Delivery

        We deliver your products in all countries of Continental Europe. We can deliver to you or a (e) friend (e) a (an) neighbor (e), on your workplace ... just specify when ordering. The shipping and delivery will be entrusted to UPS or DHL.

        If the order is to be delivered to Monaco, the order must necessarily be removed at our MCPOPS shop located at the Metropole Shopping Center Avenue des Moulins in Monaco.

        Monacopops sarl can not be held responsible for non-delivery of an order if you have not made the necessary payment to customs clearance.

        Delivery is made by direct product delivery to the recipient that you indicated, with each delivery, signing an acknowledgment of good reception by the identified recipient. It is advisable in all cases to ensure the content and condition of the package before you sign the delivery note. In case of dispute concerning the transport (breakage, damage, damaged packaging ...), you are advised to report it by you on the delivery otherwise within 24 hours with the carrier. This written record of the carrier accelerates any application for reimbursement, but is not mandatory.

        In case of delay in delivery, you must first contact the carrier to see if the package is not pending. If necessary, you must contact by email the Customer Service MC-POPS.COM to open a litigation file or investigation to search the package.

        For any delay in excess of 30 (thirty) business days from the shipping confirmation, we are committed to compensate by offering you the shipping on your next order. However, the delivery time overruns can lead to damages, nor withheld and pending order cancellation, in case of total strikes or partial, internal or external to the company, blocking of means of transport or supplies, governmental or legal restrictions .... Monacopops sarl can not be held responsible if laws, regulations or any other event a retaining your articles borders. 



        These T&C are applied to services provided by Express Carrier DHL Express in respect of delivery of Express Shipments for personal use. 

        1. Terms used herein:

        Express Carrier: DHL Express is represented within the Russian Federation by two entities, DHL International ZAO and DHL Express OOO. DHL Express as well as third parties work together to deliver Express Shipments internationally and perform customs operations in respect of Express Shipments.

        Customs Broker means DHL Express OOO performing customs operations in the name and on behalf of the customs applicant and other interested parties in accordance with the customs laws of the Customs Union.

        Express Shipment means goods shipped in express mode by any means of transportation using electronic shipment organisation and tracking system on www.dhl.ru website to deliver those goods to the Consignee pursuant to an individual waybill within the shortest possible and/or fixed period of time.

        Shipper means a legal entity, normally an online store, that handed Express Shipments over to the Express Carrier for delivery.

        Consignee means an individual consignee of Express Shipment specified in the DHL Express waybill.

        1. T&C Subject Matter

        2.1. These T&C are a public offer and form a consensual type Delivery and Customs Operations Agreement in respect of Express Shipments by and between the Shipper/Consignee, the Express Carrier and the Customs Broker (“Agreement”).

        2.2. Consignee of Express Shipments accepts the provisions of this Agreement for themselves and for other directly or indirectly interested parties, including the Shipper, by pressing a button, ticking a box or putting any other sign in the box “I accept terms and conditions of the Public Offer,” as well as/or by any other means of actual confirmation of their consent when ordering goods at the Shipper’s website.

        2.3. Under the applicable legislation in Russian Federation Express Carrier and Customs Broker shall have the right to demand from Consignee documents and information necessary for international delivery of Express Shipments and customs operations in respect of Express Shipment, including those containing information comprising commercial, bank and other secrets protected by law, or other confidential information, and obtain such documents and information within the time limits ensuring observance of the requirements specified in the applicable legislation.

        Express Carrier and Customs Broker hereby acknowledge and confirm that the obtained information comprising state, commercial, bank and other secrets protected by the law or other confidential information must not be disclosed or used by Express Carrier and Customs Broker and their employees for their own purposes, handed over to other persons, except for the cases envisaged in the applicable legislation in Russian Federation other cases when disclose of the information is required for international delivery of Express Shipments and customs operations in respect of Express Shipment.

        1. DHL Express Network Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

        3.1. The Shipper and the Consignee acknowledge that normal DHL Express Delivery Terms and Conditions apply to carriage of goods via DHL Express network; the key provisions thereof that are essential for the Consignee are listed below:

        Deliveries and Undeliverables

        Shipments cannot be delivered to PO box address or postal codes only. Shipments are delivered to the Consignee’s address given by Shipper (which in the case of mail services shall be deemed to be the first receiving postal service) but not necessarily to the named Consignee personally. Shipments to addresses with a central receiving area will be delivered to that area precisely. If the Shipment is deemed to be unacceptable, or it has been undervalued for customs purposes, or Consignee cannot be reasonably identified or located, or Consignee refuses delivery or to pay for delivery, DHL shall use reasonable efforts to return the Shipment to Shipper at Shipper’s cost, failing which the Shipment is transferred to DHL and may be sold by DHL without incurring any liability whatsoever to Shipper or anyone else, with the proceeds of sale less service charges and related administrative costs to be returned to Shipper.


        DHL has the right to open and inspect Shipments without notice.

        DHL’s Liability

        DHL’s liability is expressly limited to direct loss and damage only and cannot exceed per kilo/lb limits pursuant to Section 6. Any other types of loss or damage whatsoever are excluded (including but not limited to lost profits, interest, future business), whether such loss or damage is special or indirect, and even if the risk of such loss or damage was brought to DHL’s attention before or after acceptance of the Shipment. If a Shipment combines carriage by air, road or other mode of transport, it shall be deemed to have been carried by air. DHL’s liability in respect of any one Shipment transported, without prejudice to Sections 7 through 11, is limited to its actual cash value and shall not exceed:

        - an amount calculated based on $US 25.00/kilogram or $US 11.34/lb for Shipments transported by air or other non-road mode of transportation; or

        - an amount calculated based on $US 12.00/kilogram or $US 5.44 /lb for Shipments transported by road.

        Claims are limited to one claim per Shipment; settlement of such claim will be full and final settlement for all loss or damage in connection therewith. If Shipper regards these limits as insufficient they must make a special declaration of value and request insurance as described in Section 8 (Shipment Insurance) or make their own insurance arrangements, failing which Shipper assumes all risks of loss or damage.

        Time Limits for Claims

        All claims must be submitted in writing to DHL within thirty (30) days from the date that DHL accepted the Shipment, failing which DHL shall have no liability whatsoever in respect of those claims.

        Delayed Shipments and Money-Back Guarantee

        DHL will make every reasonable effort to deliver the Shipment according to DHL’s regular delivery schedules, however, these schedules are not binding and do not form part of this Agreement. DHL is not liable for any damages or loss caused by delays.

        Certain services have a money-back guarantee which provides for a credit or refund for delay of all or part of the Shipment’s transport charges in some cases. The Money-Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions are available on the DHL website (www.dhl.com) or from DHL Customer Service.

        Circumstances Beyond DHL’s Control

        DHL is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of circumstances beyond DHL’s control. These include but are not limited to electrical or magnetic damage to, or erasure of, electronic or photographic images, data or recordings; any defect or characteristic related to the nature of the Shipment, even if made known to DHL; any act or omission by a person not employed or contracted by DHL, e.g. Shipper, Consignee, third party, customs authorities or other government officials; “Force Majeure”, e.g. earthquake, cyclone, storm, flood, fog, war, plane crash or embargo, riot or civil commotion, industrial action.

        International Conventions

        If Shipments are transported by air and involve an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure, the Montreal Convention, or the Warsaw Convention as applicable, governs. For international road transportation, the Convention for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) may apply. These conventions limit DHL’s liability for shipment loss or damage.


        Shipper agrees to all routing and diversion, including the possibility that the Shipment may be carried via intermediate stopping places.

        Governing Law

        Any dispute arising under or in any way connected with these Terms and Conditions shall be subject, for the benefit of DHL, to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of, and governed by the law of, the country of origin of the Shipment, and Shipper irrevocably submits to such jurisdiction, unless contrary to applicable law.

        3.2 Full text of the текст DHL Express Network Terms and Conditions of Carriage is available on www.dhl.ru website.

        1. Customs Operations Terms & Conditions

        4.1. Customs Broker:

        4.1.1 may performs customs declaration of Express Shipments;

        4.1.2. shall inform the Consignee of the date of the goods arrival to the temporary storage facility (TSF) by fax or email;

        4.1.3. shall perform other actions stipulated in the customs laws of the Customs Union and the Russian Federation as necessary to perform the customs operations as a person authorized by the Consignee to act in respect of the declared Express Shipments.

        4.2. The Consignee shall provide comprehensive and accurate details and documents to perform declaration of the Express Shipments as stipulated in the customs laws of the Customs Union and the Russian Federation and provide additional documents at the Customs Broker’s request.

        All the documents required to declare the goods should be provided within ten (10) calendar days from the moment the goods arrive to the TSF.

        4.3.The Consignee would take of formalities related to the frequency of receiving shipments at his own risk and cost

        4.4.The Shipper and the Consignee guarantee that they have legal authority or other legal grounds for the Customs Broker to perform legally relevant actions on their behalf and shall be fully liable for providing comprehensive and accurate information in respect of the Express Shipments.

        1. Liability of the Parties

        5.1. The Consignee shall be liable for penal sanctions imposed on the Customs Broker as a result of the latter’s breach of customs regulations due to the Consignee’s failure to provide comprehensive and/or accurate information and documents, including inconsistencies in transported goods to their accompanying documents in terms of their name, quantity, other characteristics affecting due declaration, as well as the Consignee being late in providing those documents and information; and in that case the Consignee shall reimburse the Customs Broker all the amounts of such sanctions against a separate invoice.

        5.2. The Customs Broker shall not be liable for lost profits or other consequential and contingent damages of the Consignee even if such damages are foreseeable or have been made known to the Customs Broker or the Customs Broker could or should have known about them.

        5.3. The Parties shall be released from liability for full or partial non-performance of their respective obligations hereunder if it became a result of Force Majeure circumstances and those circumstances directly affected performance of this Agreement.

        1. Service Fees and Payment for Customs Operations:

        6.1. Service fees are determined based on the Customs Broker’s rates as of the invoice date, including amounts of customs and other fees paid by the Customs Broker while providing services hereunder.

        6.2. The Consignee must pay for the Customs Broker’s services.

        6.3. The Customs Broker reserves the right to withhold any goods of the Consignee at the latter’s expense until the Customer Broker’s services provided to the Consignee hereunder are paid in full.

        1. General Provisions

        7.1. Should the T&C and/or Agreement text change, the Parties agree to apply the T&C effective as of the date of consent specified in Clause 2.2.


        Настоящие Условия используются при оказании услуг Экспресс-перевозчиком DHL Express при доставке Экспресс-грузов для личного пользования.

        1. Термины, используемые в настоящих Условиях:

        Экспресс-перевозчик - DHL Express представлен на территории РФ двумя лицами: ЗАО «ДХЛ Интерненшл» и ООО «ДХЛ Экспресс». DHL Express, а также третьи лица, осуществляют совместную деятельность по международной перевозке Экспресс-грузов и совершению таможенных операций в отношении Экспрес-грузов.

        Таможенный представитель – ООО «ДХЛ Экспресс», совершающее от имени и по поручению декларанта или иных заинтересованных лиц таможенные операции в соответствии с таможенным законодательством Таможенного Союза.

        Экспресс-груз – товар, перевозимый в рамках скоростной перевозки любыми видами транспорта с использованием электронной информационной системы организации и отслеживания перевозок на сайте www.dhl.ru в целях доставки данного товара до Получателя в соответствии с индивидуальной транспортной накладной в течение минимально возможного и/или фиксированного промежутка времени.

        Отправитель – юридическое лицо, обычно интернет-магазин, передавшее Экспресс-перевозчику Экспресс-груз для доставки.

        Получатель – физическое лицо, получатель Экспресс-груза, указанный на транспортной накладной DHL Express. 

        1. Предмет настоящих Условий

        2.1. Настоящие Условия представляют собой публичную оферту и составляют Договор перевозки и совершения таможенных операций в отношении Экспресс-грузов консенсуального типа, совершаемый между Отправителем/Получателем, Экспресс-перевозчиком и Таможенным представителем (далее - Договор).

        2.2. Нажатием кнопки, проставлением галочки либо другого знака в поле «Я принимаю условия Публичной оферты» а также/либо какого-либо другого фактического подтверждения согласия на сайте Отправителя при заказе Получатель Экспресс-грузов принимает положения настоящего Договора от своего имени и от имени иных прямо или косвенно заинтересованных лиц, включая и Отправителя.

        2.3. В соответствии с применимым в РФ законодательством Экспресс-перевозчик и Таможенный представитель вправе требовать от Получателя документы и сведения, необходимые для выполнения международной перевозки Экспресс-грузов и совершению таможенных операций в отношении Экспресс-грузов, в том числе содержащие информацию, составляющую коммерческую, банковскую и иную охраняемую законом тайну, либо другую конфиденциальную информацию, и получать такие документы и сведения в сроки, обеспечивающие соблюдение установленных законодательством требований. Экспресс-перевозчик и Таможенный представитель признает и подтверждает, что полученная информация, составляющая государственную, коммерческую, банковскую и иную охраняемую законом тайну (секреты), либо другая конфиденциальная информация не будет разглашаться или использоваться Экспресс-перевозчиком, Таможенным представителем и их работниками для собственных целей, передаваться иным лицам, за исключением случаев, предусмотренных законодательством, применимым в РФ, а также случаев, когда передача информации иным лицом необходима для выполнения международной перевозки Экспресс-грузов и совершения таможенных операций в отношении Экспресс-грузов. 

        1. Условия доставки по сети DHL Express.

        3.1. Отправитель и Получатель согласны с тем, что для транспортировки грузов по сети DHL Express применяются обычные Условия доставки DHL Express, основные положения которых, важные для Получателя, перечислены ниже:

        Доставка и невозможность доставки

        Грузы не могут быть доставлены по адресам абонентских ящиков или с указанием только почтовых индексов. Грузы доставляются по адресу Грузополучателя, указанному Грузоотправителем (в случае почтовой услуги - по адресу первого почтового центра), однако, не обязательно лично Грузополучателю. Доставка Грузов, адресованных в центральную зону получения грузов, производится именно в эту зону. В случае неприемлемости груза, его заниженной таможенной стоимости, невозможности нахождения или идентификации Грузополучателя с помощью разумных мер, отказа Грузополучателя от доставки или оплаты доставки «DHL» предпримет все зависящие от него меры для возврата Груза Грузоотправителю за счет последнего; в противном случае Груз поступает в распоряжение «DHL» и может быть реализован по его усмотрению без какой-либо ответственности перед Грузоотправителем и любыми иными лицами, а вырученные от реализации денежные средства за вычетом стоимости услуг и соответствующих административных расходов подлежат возврату Грузоотправителю.


        «DHL» имеет право вскрывать и инспектировать Грузы без уведомления.

        Ответственность «DHL»

        Ответственность «DHL» однозначно ограничивается реальным ущербом и не может превышать предельных значений в расчете на килограмм/ фунт веса Груза согласно Разделу 6. Любые иные виды убытков или ущерба, (включая, помимо прочего, упущенную выгоду, процентный доход и деловую перспективу), вне зависимости от того, является ли подобный ущерб и убытки особыми или косвенными, даже в том случае, если даже «DHL» было поставлено в известность о риске возникновения подобного ущерба или убытков как до, так и после приема Груза, «DHL» не возмещаются. Если перевозка груза осуществляется комбинированным способом с использованием авиационного, автомобильного и иного вида транспорта, считается, что она осуществлялась авиационным транспортом. Ответственность «DHL» в отношении любого отдельно взятого Груза, (независимо от положений, содержащихся в Разделах 7-11), ограничивается фактической стоимостью и не может превышать:

        - суммы, исчисленной из расчета 25,00 долларов США за килограмм или 11,34 доллара США за фунт веса Груза, перевозимого авиационным или иными видами транспорта, кроме автомобильного, либо

        - суммы, исчисленной из расчета 12,00 долларов США за килограмм или 5,44 доллара США за фунт веса Груза, перевозимого автомобильным транспортом.

        По каждому Грузу не может быть заявлено более одной претензии, причем произведенный расчет признается полным и окончательным расчетом за все убытки или ущерб, причиненный в указанной связи. Если Грузоотправитель сочтет вышеприведенные предельные суммы выплат недостаточными, он должен отдельно объявить ценность груза и заявить о необходимости его страхования в соответствии с положениями Раздела 8 (Страхование Грузов), либо самостоятельно застраховать груз; в противном случае все риски причинения ущерба и убытков грузу переходят на Грузоотправителя.

        Срок предъявления претензий

        Все претензии должны быть заявлены «DHL» в письменном виде в течение тридцати (30) дней с момента приема груза «DHL»; в противном случае «DHL» не будет нести по претензиям никакой ответственности.

        Задержка в перевозке Грузов и Гарантии возврата денежных средств

        «DHL» предпримет все зависящие от него меры для доставки груза в соответствии с регулярным расписанием «DHL», однако такое расписание не является обязательным к исполнению и не является частью настоящего контракта. «DHL» не несет какой-либо ответственности за любой ущерб или убытки, обусловленные задержкой в доставке.

        Ряд услуг предусматривают гарантию возврата денежных средств, обеспечивающую выплату или возмещение денежных средств в размере полной или частичной стоимости доставки Груза в случае задержки в некоторых ситуациях. С условиями гарантии возврата денег можно ознакомиться на веб-сайте «DHL» (www.dhl.com) или в отделе обслуживания клиентов «DHL».

        Независящие от «DHL» обстоятельства

        «DHL» не несет ответственность за какой-либо ущерб и убытки, вызванные не зависящими от «DHL» обстоятельствами. Указанные обстоятельства, помимо прочего, включают: негативное воздействие электрических или магнитных полей на электронные или фотографические изображения, данные или записи или их стирание, любые дефекты или характеристики, обусловленные характером Груза, даже если о них было сообщено «DHL»; любые действия или бездействие лиц, не являющихся сотрудниками или подрядчиками «DHL», а именно, Грузоотправителя, Грузополучателя, третьей стороны, таможенных органов или иных официальных лиц; «Форс-мажорные обстоятельства» — землетрясение, циклон, ураган, наводнение, туман, военные действия, катастрофа воздушного судна или эмбарго, мятеж или массовые беспорядки, производственные конфликты.

        Международные конвенции

        В случае осуществления перевозки Грузов авиационным транспортом, когда конечный пункт назначения или остановки находится в стране, отличной от страны отправления, применяются положения Монреальской конвенции или Варшавской конвенции в зависимости от обстоятельств. В случае осуществления перевозки международным дорожным транспортом может применяться Конвенция о договоре международной дорожной перевозки грузов (КДПГ). Эти конвенции ограничивают ответственность «DHL» за утерю либо повреждение груза.

        Маршрут следования

        Грузоотправитель соглашается с любым маршрутом следования и отклонениями от него, включая возможность прохождения Груза через промежуточные перевалочные пункты.

        Применимое законодательство

        Любые споры, возникающие из настоящих Условий, или в связи с ними, в интересах «DHL» подлежат рассмотрению в судах страны отправления Груза и регулируются законодательством этой страны, при этом Грузоотправитель обязуется признать указанную юрисдикцию, если это не противоречит действующему законодательству.

        3.2. Полный текст Условий доставки по сети DHL Express доступен на сайте www.dhl.ru .

        1. Условия совершения таможенных операций

        4.1. Таможенный представитель:

        4.1.1 вправе производить таможенное декларирование Экспресс-груза;

        4.1.2 обязуется информировать Получателя о дате прибытия товаров на склад временного хранения (далее – СВХ) посредством факсимильной или электронной связи;

        4.1.3 обязуется совершать другие действия, предусмотренные таможенным законодательством Таможенного Союза и Российской Федерации, необходимые для совершения таможенных операций, в качестве лица, наделенного Получателем полномочиями в отношении декларируемых Экспресс-грузов.

        4.2. Получатель обязуется предоставлять Таможенному представителю полные и достоверные сведения и документы, предусмотренные таможенным законодательством Таможенного Союза и Российской Федерации, для осуществления декларирования Экспресс-грузов, а также в соответствии с запросом Таможенного представителя представлять дополнительные документы.

        Все необходимые документы для декларирования товаров должны быть представлены не позднее 10 (десять) календарных дней с момента прибытия товаров на склад временного хранения

        4.3. Получатель обязуется самостоятельно соблюдать все формальности, связанные с частотой перемещения им грузов через таможенную границу.

        4.4.Отправитель и Получатель гарантируют юридические правомочия или иные законные основания на совершение юридически значимых действий Таможенного представителя от их имени и несут полную ответственность за предоставление полной и достоверной информации относительно Экспресс груза.

        1. Ответственность Сторон

        5.1. Получатель несет ответственность за штрафные санкции, наложенные на Таможенного представителя вследствие нарушения последним таможенных правил в связи с предоставлением Получателем неполной и/или недостоверной информации и документов, в том числе, несоответствия перевозимых товаров сопроводительным документам в части их наименования, количества, иных характеристик, влияющих на достоверное декларирование, а равно несвоевременного предоставления Получателем указанных документов и информации, и в этом случае Получатель обязуется возместить Таможенному представителю суммы таких санкций на основании отдельного счета.

        5.2. Таможенный представитель не несет ответственность за упущенную выгоду, а также иные косвенные и непредвиденные убытки Получателя, даже если такие убытки предсказуемы или если Таможенный представитель был о них уведомлен, или мог бы или должен бы был знать о них.

        5.3. Стороны освобождаются от ответственности за частичное или полное неисполнение обязательств по настоящему Договору, если оно явилось следствием обстоятельств непреодолимой силы, и если эти обстоятельства непосредственно повлияли на исполнение данного Договора.

        1. Тарифы и оплата услуг по совершению таможенных операций:

        6.1. Стоимость услуг определяется в соответствии с тарифами Таможенного представителя на дату выставления счета, включая суммы таможенных и иных платежей, уплаченных Таможенным представителем при оказании услуг по настоящему Договору.

        6.2. Услуги Таможенного представителя должны быть оплачены Получателем.

        6.3. Таможенный представитель оставляет за собой право за счет Получателя удерживать любые товары последнего до момента получения Таможенным представителем полной оплаты услуг, оказанных Получателю по настоящему Договору.

        1. Общие положения

        7.1. В случае изменения текста Условий и/или Договора, Стороны соглашаются, что будут применены Условия, действующие на дату получения согласия, указанного в п. 2.2.


        1. Money-Back-withdrawal Right

        If delivery of a product does not meet your expectations, or different from that which was commanded, or transport-related defect (if the package is damaged, you must report it during delivery or to give you a certificate of damage by the carrier), you must return the non-conforming product to get the refund of the price of the Order, with two documents:

        • The UPS shipping prepaid return form included in the package (In no case does Monacopops sarl will refund return postage paid directly by the customer to the carrier).
        • The right of return corresponding to the returned product: it must be obtained within 15 calendar days from the date of delivery of the product. To get it, you need to download on the website by going to the "My Account" and identify. In the "My Orders and Returns", choose the application contains the item (s) (s) you want returned. Check the item (s) (s) you wish to return, specify the reason for return and confirm your return request. You must print your return 2 copies and sign them.

        You then need to prepare your return package by returning the item (s) (s) in their original packaging, we recommend using the carton of your package. Sign and slide the first copy of the return form inside the package.

        Sign the second copy of the return form required for the smooth customs clearance. This copy as well as shipping form return the carrier are with the carrier. Take your package to the carrier or arrange its collection. Keep proof of filing your package.

        Please note, no return will be validated without the right of return; Moreover, the return of (the) article (s) must imperatively be made from the country of delivery.

        Be sure to respect the conditions under which the products must be returned and which are described below.

        This reimbursement procedure is exclusive of any exchange, and, for you avoid the time and manner of exchange procedures may pose a major inconvenience for you.

        To get the refund, you must send your or your item (s) not conform (s) no later than 15 calendar days following the date of the right of return in the original packaging of the items in the following address:

        Monacopops SARL

        7 avenue de Grande Bretagne

        MC 98000 Monaco

        Any return not compliant (without the right of return) or unsuitable for resale (damaged, damaged, soiled or used by you) will be rejected and Monacopops sarl will be relieved of all responsibility.

        The products must be returned properly protected in their original packaging (a carefully opened package will not be considered damaged packaging), that is to say including any (s) (s) box (s) hanger (s), protection (s) together with all their labels as well as MCPOPS labels still attached on the product and the protection film if there is one.

        As for shoes, do not use shoe boxes as packages. These boxes are part of the original packaging articles and must be returned intact. Furthermore, the shoes should be tried on a mat to avoid scratching the soles. Shoes returned without their original box, or in a damaged box or with stripes can not be accepted and will be returned.

        Products that are received damaged or become damaged due to a manufacturing defect within 6 months of purchase are considered defective. Products that are damaged due to normal wear and tear are not considered defective. Monacopops sarl determine in its sole discretion if the damage is the fact of normal use or another reason.

        Damaged or defective products will be replaced, subject to their availability or repaired, provided that this is possible. Otherwise you will be reimbursed.

        Items that are marked FINAL SALE or WAREHOUSE can not be returned, refunded, or exchanged.

        * In addition Books / Cosmetics / Customized Items / Fragrances / Fur Coats, Vests, Gillets and Stoles / Hosiery / Houseware / Fine Jewelry / Jewelry / Nail Care products are not elligible for refund, exchange or store credit.

        No returns or exchanges can be made on the following products shall be considered as definitive purchases: books, cosmetics, custom items, fragrances, fur clothing, costume jewelery, jewelery, nail polish, balances and articles destocking.

        Once done checking the returned products, Monacopops sarl will refund you as soon as possible and at the latest within thirty (30) calendar days following the date of receipt of the return package, the bank account or the account payment of the credit card used for payment of the product or Paypal.

        1. Applicable Law, Dispute

        Claims or disputes will always be received with kindness. In case of dispute, you will address, for an amicable solution to:

        Customer service

        Monacopops sarl


        7 Avenue de Grande Bretagne

        MC 98000 Monaco

        Alternatively, if an amicable solution could be found, any dispute concerning the interpretation or execution of these general conditions will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Monaco. The language will be French.

        1. Guarantees

        In accordance with the 1483 and following of the Civil Code, the provisions hereof may not deprive you of the legal guarantee which requires the seller to guarantee against all consequences of latent defects of the thing sold.

        The company Monacopops sarl is not the producer of the products featured in the website. Therefore, in case of damage to a person or property by a defect in the product, only the responsibility of the producer thereof could be sought on the basis of the information on the packaging of the product. In addition, the company recalled the products, services and information provided by the Website do not in any way to the vigilance of every moment of adults.

        Monacopops sarl sells products comply with French and Monegasque legislation; responsibility Monacopops sarl can not be held liable for non-compliance with the legislation of the country where the products are delivered. It is your responsibility to check with local authorities the possibilities of import or use of products or services you plan to order.

        1. Hacking of computer data and problems of access to website

        The liability of the Publisher's website, or Monacopops sarl can not be held liable for damages resulting from the use of the Internet such as data loss, intrusion, virus, interruption of service of the Site, or otherwise.

        The Site Publisher and Monacopops sarl, particularly in the online sales process, are not bound by an obligation of means.

         The Site Publisher and Monacopops sarl can not be held liable for breach of contract due to the occurrence of a force majeure event.

         The user expressly agrees to use the Site at your own risk and under his sole responsibility. The website provides the user information indication, with flaws, errors, omissions, inaccuracies and other ambiguities that may exist. In any event, Monacopops sarl shall in no event be liable:

        - Any direct or indirect damage, notably as regards loss of profits, loss of profits, loss of customers, among other data that can result from use of the Site, or rather the impossibility of its use ;

        - A malfunction, unavailability of access, misuse, improper configuration of the user's computer, or by using a little used by the user's browser ;

        - The content of advertisements and other links or external sources accessible by the user from the Site.

        The liability of the Publisher and Monacopops sarl can not be held due to a technical unavailability of the connection, whether due notably to a force majeure, a maintenance, an update, a modification of the Site, to an intervention by the host, an internal or external strike, a network outage, a power failure, or a misconfiguration or using the computer of the user.

        1. Trademarks / Intellectual Property

        - 13.1 Brands

        The trademarks and logos contained in the Site are trademarks of Monacopops sarl, or possibly by one of its partners or suppliers. Anyone making representation, reproduction, nesting, distribution and redistribution incurs the sanctions provided for in Articles 23 to 25 of Law No. 1058 of 10 June 1983 on trademarks, trademarks or service.

        - 13.2 Intellectual property

        All elements of the Website, whether visual or audio, are protected by copyright, trademarks and patents. They are the exclusive property of Monacopops sarl. It is forbidden to fully or partially reproduce, by any means whatsoever, distribute, publish, modify, transfer or sell all or part of the Site or the content of the Site, or to make a content derived from the contents of the Site.

        Accordingly, the total or partial reproduction in any medium whatsoever of the elements of the Website, their use and their provision of third parties are strictly forbidden and will systematically be prosecuted.

        The user who has a website personally and who wishes to place, for personal use, on its website a direct link to the home page of the Site, will necessarily ask for permission to Monacopops sarl . In all cases, any link, even tacitly authorized, must be removed at the request of Monacopops sarl.

        1. Entire conditions

        A change in legislation, regulation or court decision making one or more provisions of these terms of sale null and void shall not affect the validity of these terms of sale. Such a change or ruling can not in any case allow you to disregard these terms of sale.

          If a condition was not explicitly mentioned, it would be considered governed by the procedures in force in the remote sales sector whose companies have headquarters in Monaco.

          1. Preorder

          The pre-order allows you to pre-order some items that are not yet available for immediate delivery or out of stock.

          Payment is made in the same conditions as a control.

          The conditions concerning the right of withdrawal, return and exchange items for pre-order are the same as those that apply to commands.

          The estimated ship date for items sold for pre-order on the Site constitutes the best estimate of Monacopops sarl, Monacopops sarl shall not be responsible for any changes and possible delays on the shipping date announced at the time of payment pre-order. The delivery terms are the same as for an order.

          If, exceptionally, the pre-order can not be honored, Monacopops sarl will reimburse Article preordered. Reimbursement for pre-order is made under the same conditions as a control.

          1. Gift Cards

          • Gift cards are valid for 12 months from date of purchase, payment is confirmed.
          • Gift cards are virtual and sent by email to the recipient once the full order processed and payment made. A confirmation email is sent to the sender to confirm the shipment.
          • The currency of the gift card is mandatory in euros.
          • A gift card can be used in multiple times until the balance of that card and within the limits of its validity.
          • The gift cards can give rise to any exchange or refund (total or partial) even in case of loss or theft.
          • Gift cards are not transferable and can be a monetary consideration.
          • Conversely, any product purchased with a gift card can be exchanged. The balance of the gift card will be credited to the amount used. If necessary, you will benefit from having additional refundable. You can check your online have in your "My Account".
          • Using a gift card is strictly for the purchase of products on the Site excluding the purchase of a new gift card.
          • The gift card is used as a control means of payment including products, delivery costs and possible additional costs.
          • If the total amount of your order is less than the value of your gift card, the balance will be credited to your account for future orders.
          • If the amount of your order exceeds the value of the gift card, you can pay the balance with any other method of payment provided on the Site as well as the assets under your belt.
          • Monacopops sarl is not responsible for sending a gift card to an incorrect or non-existent email address. In this case, only the buyer's responsibility is engaged.
          • Monacopops sarl is not responsible for theft, loss, destruction or unauthorized use of a gift card by a third.
          • Monacopops sarl reserves the right to cancel a gift card if necessary.
          • Discount codes do not apply to the purchase of a gift card.
          1. My account

          Creating an account gives you the ability to access the site by logging in with your credentials (e-mail address defined during registration and voting password) or possibly using systems such as third connection buttons social networks. You are fully responsible for protecting the password you chose. You are encouraged to use complex passwords. If password forgotten, you have the option to generate a new one. This password is the guarantee of confidentiality of information contained in the "My Account" and you therefore agree not to transmit or communicate it to third parties. Otherwise, Monacopops sarl can not be held liable for unauthorized access to a user account.

          Creating a personal account is a prerequisite to any order on the Site. For this purpose, you are asked to provide certain personal information. You have to commit to provide accurate information.Data collection is to create "My Account". This account allows you to view all your orders placed on the website.